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Beware of the Dog Parent-Child Interactive Games Toy

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Item Code: glj97186
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Beware of the Dog Parent-Child Interactive Games Toy
Color: A(24PCS)/B(36PCS)

Size: 19*14*21.5cm 

Weight: 900g 

1. Made of non-toxic high-quality ABS plastic to allows children to play safely.Beware of the dog but his bark is worse than his bite!
2. During the game, the child's sensory response will be promoted and the child's reaction ability will be exercised.The toy is good for parent-child interaction, it can not only enhance the relationship between parents and children, but also give the baby another opportunity to express themselves.
3. Improve children's precise hand-eye coordination in nerve wracking situation. Amazing games for group in party or daily life.A challenging funny and practical toy, great for fun.Fit for the 6 years old child and older.